Teaching Modules

The Teaching Modules Project is a compendium of open-access, evidence-based, peer-reviewed emergency medicine (EM) modules designed for teachers and learners in low-resource health settings.

Modules are developed and reviewed by faculty with expertise in EM education and global health and are published here as low-bandwidth Power Point presentations.

Modules are licensed for use under a non-commercial, attribution, and share-alike Creative Common’s License (click here for the license and the definition of each term). When you use the modules please ensure you comply with these conditions.

Information within the modules is not a substitute for medical training or medical treatment.

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Edward Xie (MD, CCFP(EM), DTM&H), University of Toronto

Andrew Petrosoniak (MD, FRCP), University of Toronto


Nazanin Meshkat (MD, FRCP(EM), MHSc), University of Toronto

Thromboembolic Disease

Kate Hayman (MD), University of Western Ontario
Tarek Loubani (MD, CCFP(EM)), University of Western Ontario

Wound Closure

Gautam Goel (MD), University of Toronto
Nicholas Tassone (MD), University of Toronto

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